NOMEX is set up to facilitate growth and development in the Nordic music sector. It is a collaborative organisation administered through Music Finland and owned by Export Music Sweden, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland, Iceland Music Export and Music Norway.

NOMEX originated in 2008 when the export offices based in the Nordic region decided to set up a pan-Nordic platform to share information and best practices. Since then, NOMEX has been used as a platform to develop pan-Nordic strategies and analyse the changes and challenges that the music sector faced due to digital developments. Prior to this, the offices had been involved in informal dialogues and collaborations. NOMEX looked at whether and how the collaboration between national export offices could complement each other’s work. As a result, a five-year programme called ‘Strength in Unity’ was established in January 2012, with funding negotiated from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

NOMEX Structure

The NOMEX board consists of the directors of all five music export offices plus an external chairman. The board of directors meets five times a year to contribute to and review NOMEX developments, share information and compare best practices. NOMEX hosts an annual meeting with chairpersons (representing the ownership of NOMEX) from the national boards as well as the directors of the national export offices. The annual meeting decides on budget, action plans and strategic developments from year to year.

NOMEX is also a platform and voice for the pan-Nordic music sector. Project managers from the national export offices now meet twice a year; once in the spring and once at the same time as the last NOMEX board meeting of the year takes place. They review projects, look at future developments and send recommendations to the NOMEX board.

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